2018 is well underway, which means that we can see this year’s trends on the horizon. Are you looking for inspiration for your future office design and want to know what’s popular in the interior design world? Check out these five office design and colour trends for 2018 that we’re super excited about:

#1: Biophilic Design

Our connection to the natural world has long been studied. Without a doubt, human beings crave a link to nature, whether it’s green walls or window sills lined with air-purifying plants. This year, however, our biophilia—or our love of nature—is reaching a whole new level. Expect to see potted plants, flowers, and fountains in boardrooms, on walls, and in bathrooms. Biophilic design is intended to bring nature inside the office to comfort and calm you.

#2: The Millennial Meeting Place

Multi-purpose meeting places have been around for quite some time, but this year, it’s becoming a staple. Replacing stiff board tables and chairs with more relaxing and laid back bean bag chairs, yoga mats, and sofas encourages employees to get comfortable and look forward to collaborating, meeting, or simply taking a break. Thanks to major companies like Google and Amazon, the meeting place is no longer a stiff and sterile gathering of employees. Rather, it encourages creativity and boosts workplace morale.

#3: Minimalism Comes Home

Less is more: that’s the minimalist motto. By combining meeting places, tearing down cubicles, and assigning dual purposes to office areas, companies are really stripping themselves down to the bare minimum. But that doesn’t mean that these work spaces are any less welcoming. In 2018, employers will inspire a positive workplace outlook by providing their workers with homey comforts, such as full-sized kitchens, game rooms, beer o’clock (complete with beer fridges), and even showers. The longer your employee wants to stay in the office, the more work they’ll get done.

#4: Workplace Wellness

Speaking of homey comforts, 2018 will be the year that workplace wellness programs will be in full swing. All evidence points to the fact that increased wellness in the workplace leads to higher productivity, fewer sick days, less turnaround, and better morale. Showing your employees you care about their wellbeing inside and outside of the office goes a long way to improving their relationship with their job. Examples of workplace wellness measures include lunch-time yoga classes, personal chefs, sleep pods, and on-site daycare centres.

#5: Pantone’s Colour Forecast

Colour always makes the biggest difference to any décor or interior design. Pantone, the colour expert company, released eight colour forecast trends for 2018, and the results have a little something for everyone.

  1. Resourceful: blues and oranges. As opposing colours on the colour wheel, this palette offers an interesting mixture of cool and vibrant tones.
  2. Verdure: If you love the idea of bringing nature into the office, you’ll love this colour palette that incorporates a calm array of fruity and veggie colours.
  3. Playful: This colour palette will remind you of a bright summer day, and features fun and happy lime and bright yellow.
  4. Discretion: Subdued and powerful, these deep pinks offer a quiet and strong energy.
  5. Far-fetched: Sunset meets sunrise with this warm, earthy palette featuring Cornsilk yellow, Ruby Wine, and Iced Coffee.
  6. Intricacy: This colour palette introduces us to the world of metallic colours, which many are calling the “new neutrals”.
  7. Intensity: As the name suggests, this colour palette is a bold and sophisticated mixture of intense gem tones, such as Molten Lava, Emberglow, and Bossa Nova.
  8. TECH-nique: This stunning combination of vibrant blues, purples and turquoise is an homage to colours on our screens that shine all by themselves.

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