Although you may not realize it in the moment, a disorganized office is hurting your productivity. All the time you spend searching for papers, emails, and office items is time taken away from the task at hand. The average office employee spends 1.5 hours per day searching for things, which translates to six weeks per year!

By taking the time to organize your Mississauga office, you communicate professionalism to your clients and partners. An organized office also translates to boosted productivity and creativity among employees. Starting your office organization is the hardest part, but once you take the initial steps you’ll happy that you did.

Start With a Purge

This is quite possibly the hardest step in office organization, but it’s also the most satisfying. Purge your office of items you no longer need. But be savvy about this. Don’t go overboard and get rid of important paperwork you might need later on. An easy way to overcome this is to simply scan documents that you will need in the future. This way you still have access to them in a time of need without piles of paperwork throughout your Mississauga office. Consider doing this on a day when your office is closed so you can really focus on sorting through items. When you take the time to go through the contents of your office properly, it will make the rest of your organization process much easier.

Establish Work Zones

Create work zones in your office that are each designated to a specific person or purpose. To do this, you can arrange your furniture in a way that makes sense based on the way you work. Clutter usually arises when a space is used for multiple purposes. These areas don’t need to be formally distinguished but their purpose should be clear. If you have a specific area for each person, it’s also easier to establish accountability. When everyone conducts a quick clean-up at the end of each workday your space is bound to be much more organized and efficient.

Create a Filing System

Paperwork is almost synonymous with your office in Mississauga. You would think that paper consumption is reduced with the use of electronics, but actually the opposite is true. Print volume has increased by 40%, with this being due to the fact that people are printing out emails. Creating a filing system ensures that your important paperwork is stored correctly and that you can find it when needed. There’s no correct way to file paperwork. You can file it alphabetically, by client, or by project, as long as you are consistent with the method you use. One way to do this is by creating a meeting folder and a waiting on response folder. Many Mississauga office employees also find it useful to use a two-tiered tray with an incoming and outgoing box. Just make sure that your electronic filing system matches the technique you use to file physical paperwork.

Decorate Your Space

When an office feels inviting and pleasant, you are much more likely to keep it organized. You can achieve this in many different ways for your Mississauga space. One of the easiest ways to instantly revive an office space is by painting its interior. An experienced painter in Mississauga will help you choose the best colours to increase motivation and productivity among employees. Once you’ve established an overall theme to your office decor, consider purchasing some new office furniture and accessories to give it a final touch.
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