Our Painters in Mississauga Bring You the Benefits of Feng Shui Colours

  Feng Shui has been around for millennia, and its popularity in Western culture reached a peak in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These days, many of us would never consider bringing Feng Shui into the office, but have we ever stopped to ask ourselves why? The methodology, comprised of multiple intersecting systems of [...]

Ask Our Hamilton Painters: Why Use Dry Erase Paint in the Office?

By now, we've probably all seen pictures online of the trendy chalkboard walls that homeowners have begun integrating into kitchens, bedrooms, and even home offices. After all, they're a fun and interactive way to help yourself keep track of lists, jot down reminders, and get creative during downtime; but have you ever heard of using dry erase paint for [...]

We Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Paint That in Mississauga

It’s time to update your tired or outdated office! If you haven't outlined a clear budget to pull off the transformation you’ve been dreaming of, you might be overlooking some safe and effective workarounds. Many office updates can be achieved with a simple coat of paint. In fact, we bet you didn’t know you could [...]

What to Do with Your Old Paint Cans in Burlington

Old paint cans belong to a class of items that stay with you for years collecting dust and occupying a special place in the house or office where all the other non-disposable, non-recyclable, toxic, and otherwise special items go to rust. The very nature of paint requires us to deal with it in a special [...]

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Ideal Paint Colours for Every Room in Your Brampton Office

We’ve heard it said many times before. Colours affect our mood, our productivity, even our appetite. Artists put a lot of thought into the colour of paints they choose, and they are only painting on small canvases. Office walls are much larger canvases seen by sometimes hundreds of people every day. We not only pass [...]

How to Prepare for an Office Renovation

You’ve decided to renovate your office space but are feeling a little overwhelmed. This is understandable, considering you spend the majority of your waking hours at your office. It’s only natural that a change is bringing some anxiety. Here are the top ways you should prepare for an office renovation, courtesy of the Mississauga painters [...]

How to Have Fun with Colour in Your Office

Remember how quiet and reserved your parents’ office used to be? You could hear a pin drop and everyone was dressed in suits. These days, offices have taken “Casual Friday” to a whole new level by embracing a freeing trend that allows employees to have personal time alongside their regular work tasks. Offices promote health [...]