Old paint cans belong to a class of items that stay with you for years collecting dust and occupying a special place in the house or office where all the other non-disposable, non-recyclable, toxic, and otherwise special items go to rust. The very nature of paint requires us to deal with it in a special way. Throwing near-empty paint cans in the garbage is highly toxic to the environment, so we must either find a way to properly dispose of them (or keep them forever). If you work in Burlington and you’re wondering what to do with your office’s lingering paint supply, here are some easy solutions, courtesy of We Paint Offices:

What Not to Do with Your Paint Cans

We understand that it can be annoying to have half-empty paint cans lying around but tossing them in the garbage or pouring the paint down the sink is not the solution. Paint will spoil the water supply and cause environmental damage. If the public sees you incorrectly disposing of paint and other hazardous materials, it could even harm your business’ reputation. Paint cans will not be picked up by curbside collection. However, you can recycle paint cans that are empty and dry without the lid.

Hazardous Waste Depot

The easiest way to get rid of your dangerous materials is to take them to the Halton Hazardous Waste Depot. Keep in mind, this only refers to small loads no bigger than 20 litres per trip. It’s absolutely free, and according to the Halton Region website, almost 70% of hazardous waste that is brought to the depot is recycled or reused.

Repurpose Paint

Keeping a bit of paint for touch-ups is always a good idea. In a busy office setting, you never know when a desk or chair will rub, scratch, or scuff wall paint. Keeping a bit of extra colour with you at all times is a really quick and efficient way to ensure your office interior always looks clean and new. If you have a lot of paint left, why not commission an artist to build a special piece of furniture or decorative artwork with the paint colour for a polished and uniform look?

Donate It

Donating paint or other building materials to charities in need is a wonderful way to give back to the community and get rid of your supply. Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga accepts corporate donations of new paint. You can also contact your favourite local non-profit and ask them if they would accept free paint.

We Paint Offices is committed to providing safe and professional painting services in the Burlington area. Contact us today to request a quote.