Remember how quiet and reserved your parents’ office used to be? You could hear a pin drop and everyone was dressed in suits. These days, offices have taken “Casual Friday” to a whole new level by embracing a freeing trend that allows employees to have personal time alongside their regular work tasks. Offices promote health with areas for yoga and encourage breaks with game tables. We Paint Offices knows a few paint tricks to complement the office’s evolution:

#1 – Do the Unthinkable

If your business is related to the arts, give your office a bold statement by using colours that are considered unacceptable, such as combining pink and orange. Before you give us a sour look, consider pairing it with white. This way, the pink and orange are separated by a neutral colour, and onlookers are able to take in the space more easily. The colours you decide to pair up with white are completely up to you, just keep boldness in mind.

#2 – Let the Ceiling Be Noticed

Colours are able to trick our sense of perception, which explains why many people think colour on the ceiling will shrink the room. It can, but you need to choose the right colour for the room to feel bigger. Using blue, for instance, will make the room seem taller because everyone associates it to the sky. If your business requires a dark room, consider painting the ceiling black to make the room feel more open. If you paint your ceiling a dark colour, it’s usually best to contrast it with light-coloured walls. Having the mouldings blend into the wall will also provide a nice contrast to your darker ceiling.

#3 – Expand Your Neutral Palette

Neutrals are believed to consist of grey, taupe, beige, and cream, but there’s more to it! Natural colours, like blues and greens, are part of the neutral category when they are soft and gray-out. They bring to mind natural landscapes and are usually paired with seashell decor and plants. This is ideal for personal care businesses, like dentistry and spa therapy.

#4 – Play with White

So, you want to have white as your office’s colour? No problem! Contrary to popular belief there are different tones of white that you can use to be complemented by your decor. If you look close enough, you’ll find that white has either a yellow or blue undertone. This is what invokes a warm or cold feeling in people. White is a sneaky colour. It goes well with all-white or dark furniture, as well as metallic ornaments. This type of paint job is perfect for showrooms to make the items on display pop.

Want More Ideas?

The professionals at We Paint Offices are here to help you with your painting needs so you capture the right energy for your business. We aim to give you a top-quality painting service that is flexible, punctual, and reliable. We cover Toronto, Mississauga, and surrounding areas, so contact us to schedule a free estimate visit today!