We’ve heard it said many times before. Colours affect our mood, our productivity, even our appetite. Artists put a lot of thought into the colour of paints they choose, and they are only painting on small canvases. Office walls are much larger canvases seen by sometimes hundreds of people every day. We not only pass by them, but we work in front and beside them. We are confined by the colour of these walls, and sometimes limited by them. So, when it comes to choosing your colour palette for your Brampton office, it’s no wonder you want to give it some thought. Try and stick with these colour palettes for your office to maximize employee productivity and boost group morale.

Break Room

When considering the colour of your breakroom, it’s first important to decide what exactly your employees need to take a break from. Is your workspace an industrial environment with plenty of cement, bare wires, and loud noises? Then a green colour palette might be your best option. Green embodies vitality, nature, and calmness, just the right antidote to a warehouse setting.

Is your workspace a bullpen lined with cubicle after cubicle all sewn together with network cables and telephone wires? If so, yellow just might be the perfect colour to add a sense of cheer and optimism, a break from staring at a computer screen and a pleasant sense of sunshine on one’s face.

Bullpen/ Open Space

In any room where creativity and hard work is expected, it’s important to complement rather than distract. Choosing décor and paint colours for your work zones will have a great impact on how your employees operate. For more analytical and calculated work (for instance, accounting), promoting concentration with blue tones may help. To encourage collaboration and creativity in more artistic fields, add plenty of oranges and yellows in rich, saturated tones. Don’t forget to include plenty of light (natural is better) and greenery.

Executive Brampton Office

The executive office is all about evoking a sense of authority and trust. Executive offices exhibit a sense of power with monochromatic colours and wood finishes. Your office furniture may be a combination of glass, steel, and wood. Painting your walls purple will display a sense of royalty, wealth, and strength. Historically, Tyrian purple—also known as imperial purple, royal purple, or Phoenician purple—has, for centuries, been associated with nobility and high rank. Anyone who walks into your office may inherently sense your executive status simply by the fact that you’re surrounded by the original royal colour.

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