You’ve decided to renovate your office space but are feeling a little overwhelmed. This is understandable, considering you spend the majority of your waking hours at your office. It’s only natural that a change is bringing some anxiety.

Here are the top ways you should prepare for an office renovation, courtesy of the Mississauga painters at We Paint Offices:

Gather Input

Just because you’re in charge of the renovation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t gather the input of other employees. Chances are that when your fellow employees invest their energy and provide input regarding the changes made to your communal office space, they’ll enjoy their time spent at the office more than they already do. If you don’t feel like stopping by every desk to chat about possible suggestions, send out a survey. Just make sure to keep it brief and around five minutes to get the highest quality feedback. To make sure you get an adequate response rate, motivate your coworkers by creating a draw for everyone that completed the survey.

Plan a Realistic Timeline

The time it takes to complete an office renovation largely depends on the extent of the changes you’re making. Some commercial painters in Mississauga will work around your business hours to complete the painting job, while others will require you to close your doors for a few days. At We Paint Offices, we pride ourselves on being the Mississauga painters that are committed to working around your work schedule. This way, you’re able to proceed with business as usual during your office renovation.

For more intensive renovation tasks, such as new flooring, structural changes, or kitchen replacements, account for a longer period of time than the general contractor has suggested. Although it may seem pointless to account for more time in the planning process, there are always a few issues that arise and cause changes to the schedule. Plan your renovations during your business’ slow season when it isn’t absolutely necessary to visit the office every day. Just be sure to let your clients know ahead of time and set up a call transferring system so they can still contact you when needed.

Stick to Your Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when planning your new office design, but it’s important to remember the purpose of your office renovation. Unlike your personal home, an office renovation has the specific purpose of creating a friendly work environment. Cultivating an inviting workspace boosts employees’ enjoyment at work and, in turn, leads to higher productivity. By carefully planning your budget, you ensure your office’s aesthetic appeal isn’t boosted at the expense of other business activities.

We Paint Offices is dedicated to being the Mississauga painters you can trust for all of your office renovation needs. With over 17 years of experience, we’re the painters in Mississauga with the professionalism and expertise required to make your office remodel a success. Learn more about our painting services by calling 647-699-8228 today!