Once you’re decided on the details of the paint job itself, preparing the space for the painters can save lots of time. All you need is a proactive attitude and a little elbow grease to ensure that the process will start off smoothly.

The professionals at We Paint Offices suggest the following preparations:

Make Repairs

It’s best to evaluate the damages in the space you want painted before calling in the painters because if you have any work done after the paint job, you chance having to repaint the area. Get a contractor in to check for rotted wood, mould, water or fire damage, among other issues. When the contractor fixes the damages, ask them to implement the necessary precautions against further damage.

Clear the Space

From plants to cabinets to desks, you’ll have to remove everything from the space to allow the painters access and room to set up their equipment. If you cannot store the large furniture pieces in another room, then do the next best thing and group everything in the centre of the room you’re preparing. The painters will protect them with covers. Fragile equipment, like computers and glassware, should definitely be stored in another room.

Remove any wall accents like paintings, posters, plaques and make sure they’re protected in a safe storage area. It’s a good idea to also remove the nails and leave them in a bag near the wall accents for convenience. Once everything has been removed from the area, you may find dirt and dust on the walls. Wiping them down with a damp cloth will suffice.

To help the air circulate, check to see if the windows can be opened.

Inform Employees and Neighbours

Let your employees know the details of the paint job so they can reschedule tasks. As a courtesy, give your employees the choice to work remotely or have the day off. This will prevent them from being exposed to the paint fumes and be unproductive due to headaches or other symptoms.

If you share a building, then advise your neighbours about having a crew in to paint your space; this way, they will be aware of strangers in the building. Your neighbours will also have enough time to make arrangements to be away or take precautions against the paint fumes.

Established in 2001, We Paint Offices aims to provide a high-quality painting service with minimal intrusiveness. Our company offers small and large crews to accommodate the painting job you need. We work with you to determine the details of your painting project; if you find our team of professional painters will be in your way, we will be happy to complete the job overnight.

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