If you’re planning to revamp your office with a fresh paint job, hiring the right professional painters is one of the most important steps in the process. Professional painters can get the job done efficiently, alleviate stress, and work outside of busy business hours. From the experts at We Paint Offices, here are a few tips for hiring professional painters:

Do Your Research. The easiest way to find the best interior painters in your area is simply to ask around. Seek advice and recommendations from friends, family, neighbours, or real estate agents selling commercial property in your area. Browse company websites, and read online reviews and testimonials to select companies best suited for the job. It’s also worth requesting references from each contractor so you can get a detailed report on their work from past clients.

Meet the Painters. After the research phase, you’ve likely found three or four painting companies that fit the bill. The next step is to meet the painters in person. Either set up a time to meet at your office or arrange for a phone call so you can get acquainted with the staff and services.

Get Quotes. Many painting companies allow you to book a free quote. Take advantage of this offer by inviting your top three painting companies to your offices for a price estimate. Once you have the projected costs, you can compare different companies and pick a price that is best suited for you.

State Your Expectations. Each painting job is different. It’s important to be up front with contractors and state your expectations, or any specifications you may require for the job. If, for example, you require extra detail in a certain area, or have a damaged wall that needs extensive reparation, you may be required to pay extra. Depending on the contractor, you may be able to come up with an agreement to suit your needs.

Look for Specialization and Experience. When giving your office a fresh look with a new paint job, the details matter. At We Paint Offices, our staff has extensive experience painting offices, and knows what it takes to provide customers with a product they love. Some companies fall short when it comes to attention to detail; at We Paint Offices, we make it a priority.

Check out Credentials. Before hiring a painting company, it’s important to consider their credentials. You should also spend time reading up on their safety policy. At We Paint Offices, we’re insured for liability and covered under WSIB.

Consider Punctuality. A telltale sign of a reliable contractor is their ability to respond to queries and estimate requests in a timely manner. Keep this in mind when contacting potential contractors, and when reading reviews Online. The best contractors show up on time, and respond to phone calls, emails, and requests within one to two business days.

Hiring professional painters to give your office a fresh look is beneficial in many ways. With services from We Paint Office, you can expect a fast, efficient, and thorough paint job. To learn more about our office painting services, get in touch with our expert staff today.